Arts Surveys Can Help You on Dates – And More!

The other day I had a friend relate to me a date he had recently. He was going out with an artistically-inclined lady and wanted to make a good impression. He researched a few events she might like and took her to an critically acclaimed movie–only to find out she hated the director! After a bit of a laugh, I told him how, when I find myself in that sort of situation, I use arts surveys to help me out.

What are arts surveys? They can be any of the following: a poll about an art-related item, a survey about your own interests, or a host of other things. It’s a broad term, but the items themselves can be extremely useful–and not just for dates! They have a variety of uses for a variety of situations.

For example, I used to use arts surveys in college to help me study for my art history exams. By going through the material in such a visual way, and often being asked to make connections between artists or styles I wouldn’t have thought of before, I aced the course. I’ve had other friends used them to decide where to vacation based off of the museums, or even just gain general arts knowledge.

I think we can all see the utility in using arts surveys or polls to help us study, but it’s harder to see how they might help on dates. After all, my friend researched some artistic thing, how was he to have known she’d hate the director? That’s a matter of taste, not facts we can discern.

Of course artistic taste is subjective. But arts surveys do offer data that can help us make decisions around types of tastes. It won’t necessarily work for every individual, but it can give a sense of what types of things certain types of people like that. My friend agreed that, had he that sort of information, he probably would have been able to pick a better movie, based on what he already knew what his date liked.

With arts surveys we have to be careful and make sure that the data we are looking at comes from the right type of website. A survey of action-movie enthusiasts will probably not help you out for fans of foreign films. But once you do have the right website, you can easily put the information to your advantage.

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