Arts, Entertainment, and Poetry – Consider the Interest of Students For Learning Enhancement

Teachers should always find out what student’s interests are in order to motivate them to learn effectively. Planning pertinent curriculum with the interests of students helps motivate their learning. Many students are interested in the arts, entertainment, games, and technology. Parental / guardian involvement is one strategy teachers need to use in assisting students to learn effectively. Parents / guardians need to know where to find the resources. Teachers could help parents / guardians by suggesting that they use resources.

Also, once they have done so, they need to tell parents / guardians where to find these necessary resources to enhance their children’s learning abilities. Another strategy, helping students to learn how to strategize well on exams leads to successful outcomes in achieving long range goals. Teachers could use students interests as tools to teach them how to effectively strategize passing pertinent criteria when testing.

Many students need the confidence to become better performers in their studies. Finding out what they are interested in helps them function well within their comfort zone. Helping students to combine their interests withn their subjects helps them to improve their test scores. The interest of Art, Entertainment, or Poetry, etc. could be included in an array of subjects using graphs, charts, or visual aids, etc. Teachers could ask students to select the type of projects that they prefer to work on either as an individual project or group project. In doing so helps to arouse more student participation and motivation for the pertinent curriculum of study. It helps when teachers are able to work well with their students.

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